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GATE Global Impact Helps You

Gain access to new funding sources.


The mission of GATE Global Impact LLC (GGI) is to fulfill the increasing worldwide demand for impact investing by providing information and electronic marketplace infrastructure.


GGI has created a centralized Impact Investing Marketplace (IIM) to facilitate the transaction of impact assets. It delivers efficiency, transparency and liquidity to historically opaque and fragmented processes in a variety of markets.

Deliver Good

The ability to measure, monitor and report creates access to new investable pools of traditional capital for sustainable investments.

centralize the way impact investments


GATE Impact has created a centralized electronic marketplace to facilitate the transactions of impact-focused investment products

Capital Formation

Beyond “capital raising”…capital formation encompass education, awareness and Investor Protection embedded in Best Practices


We bring decades of Wall Street experience with emphasis on secure recordkeeping and securities processing to facilitate the platform settlement functionality

The GATE Global Impact Community

Global Partners

The world is converging on a paradigm shift which will lead to the democratization of capital formation.


The mission of GATE Impact is to fulfill the increasing global demand for market infrastructure that enables capital to identify and transact in investments that provide a sustainable social and/or environmental benefit and financial return.


Enabling the investment of capital in a regulatory framework into primary issuance and secondary trades in commercially viable companies that that or socially or enviromentally responsible